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Triton Information Technology and Consulting Services

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Welcome to Triton Bilişim's Customer Satisfaction Priority World! First of all, let's introduce Triton Bilişim...

Triton Bilişim is a company that has been providing business and technology solutions to the pharmaceutical industry since 2008, continuing its activities in Turkey and England. Our company is located in Yıldız Technical University İkitelli Technopark.

Our Services

Our Services; We can collect them under two headings: Data and Software Services.

The increasing need to reach healthcare professionals through digital channels has led us to carry Mediprof service to the digital world. To meet this need, we have developed the Medipassportal software. Companies using Medipassportal can manage their interactions in digital channels from a single point.

Data Analysis/Data Visualization/Business Intelligence; is an area where Triton has been active since its inception and has put a lot of time and effort into it. We have realized successful projects for many domestic and international companies in this field. With the experience we have gained so far, we have developed new data presentation techniques, awareness elements and KPIs that increase awareness for the pharmaceutical industry, and we are working on new ones. We use Qlik (Qlik Sense) and Microsoft (Power BI) software in our solutions.

We are receiving intense demands in two areas in the changing and transforming environment after Covid.

First, Medipassportal and Mediprof. are used to identify the person accessing these environments and to offer personalized promotions, as the need for access to Healthcare Professionals through digital platforms is increasing.

The second is Analysis and Reporting Projects;

Requests in this regard, or projects for transforming existing Analysis infrastructures to meet current needs. For example, projects to make SFE analyzes accessible and easily understandable by users 24/7 regardless of time and environment,

Or, projects to meet new needs. For example, “A holistic Healthcare Professional view” projects to provide a holistic promotional strategy specific to the Healthcare Professional by enabling more efficient management of increased omnichannel interactions.

Triton is a company that has been providing data services for 14 years. We have extensive experience in data collection, management, handling, deduplication, processing and visualization. We realize projects by considering the success factors of a BI project, possible problems in the projects and their solution methods.

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