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Mediprof is a sensitive, up-to-date and high quality healthcare professional database and verification service on KVKK that Triton Bilişim provides to pharmaceutical companies.

Mediprof is one of the main services of Triton Bilişim. Triton Bilişim adapts Mediprof to developing and changing technical, business and legal needs with its 15 years of pharmaceutical experience and expertise in technology.

Mediprof, which is kept up to date by searching institutions by the Mediprof Validation Team, is integrated with CRM systems and provides full, up-to-date  and high quality data to the field team of the companies. 

In many companies, in addition to the CRM system, Mediprof integration is carried out with other healthcare worker-oriented software. For example; Mediprof integration is carried out with websites, meeting management, consent management, digital, mobile interaction channels and similar systems.

MediPassportal, Pharmacy Segmentation, Healthcare Professional Surveys, GLN and Institution Latitude-Longitude services can also be offered to Mediprof Member Pharmaceutical Companies.

Mediprof can be easily integrated with CRM or healthcare worker-centered systems.

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