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Protection of Personal Data

Triton InformaticsWe care about compliance with the most up-to-date legal regulations in all our work. We carry out the necessary adaptations in this area in the most meticulous manner.

The Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, which entered into force on April 7, 2016, is closely related to our current business models. The regulation in question is a requirement of the right to protect personal data, which is a fundamental right and is also included in Article 20 of our Constitution. As Triton Bilişim, we continue our compliance processes to continue our services within the framework of the KVK Law No. 6698, while respecting the right to personal data protection.

The data owner application form is available at the link below. You can download the form from the relevant link to your computer (hold the mouse cursor on the link and select the download link differently option with the right mouse button or save linked content as option), read the form (click on the link) and make your applications via this form. You can contact us for any questions.

Health Specialist Mediprof Addition and Removal Request Forms

If you are a Health Specialist, please click on the link below for your requests to be added or removed from Mediprof.

Triton Information Technology and Consulting Services Inc. Personal Data Protection Policy

The Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy document is available at the link below. You can download the document to your computer from the relevant link (hold the mouse cursor on the link and click the right mouse button to download the link as option or save linked content as option) or you can read the document (click the link)

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