MediProf Services

The call centers ,established in the extent of MEDIPROF service, carries out data verification process through calling hundreds of institutions every day.

Triton Bilişim offers some additional solutions by means of verification operations through the original source within the framework of MEDİPROF database which proves reliable, consistent and clean data feature.



Mediprof Data Management Services provides following advantages.

  • It includes data that is being feed by -not only one company- several Companies and Mediprof Data specialits, so provides accurate Market View.
  • Reps can see the Doctors/Pharmacists who move from/to  his Territory, although he not inserted any change request.
  • Mediprof provides formatted and highly quilified Data.
  • Data Specialists verifies Healthcare Professionals calling the hospitals which they work.
  • Each of HealthCare Professionals in Mediprof is being verified by Mediprof Data Specialists on their Working Hospitals at least once in12 monthes.
  • There are various rules on Data Entry to keep clean and formatted Data.
  • Abriviations on addresses are also standardised  on Mediprof and  can not be change user by user.
  • Names are written full and abbriviation is not allowed in names.
  • Mediprof Data Specialits’ responsibility is only  to keep Mediprof Data clean,rich and high quality.
  • Reps Change Requests are responded in at latest 3 working days.
  • Sales Team Focuses on Sales.