Master Data Services

Data Quality Control

The data pollution in the Critical data sources is a critical issue that may cause serious problems .Data quality problems may lead to erroneous conclusions in the flow of the system , decision support processes and furthermore, may cause to make decision for elimination of the data. Data Quality Control processes is a crucial issue in terms of the correct operation and to increase productivity .

Data Pollution: This expresses the decrease of the reliability level of the data due to various anomalies . The anomalies causing the data issues as follows:

Anomalies concerning validity

  • Key inconsistencies,
  • The differences in the ranges defined,
  • Data Type Differences,
  • Essential fields deficiency,
  • Duplication,
  • Format differences
  • Spelling differences,
  • The formation of unnecessary records,
  • Cross -Field Validity


Consistency anomalies

  • Inconsistency of data from different sources


Triton Data Cleaning Process

  • Data Quality Control, and Anomaly Identification,
  • Identification and development of the flow concerning cleaning process,
  • The implementation of the cleaning process,
  • Controls


Methods used in Triton Data Cleaning process,

  • Decomposition,
  • Record Match,
  • De Duplication,
  • Transformation
  • Validation