BI Solutions

Pharma BI

Triton Bilişim combined its own experiences in pharmaceutical sector with the functions of QlikView ,and created the management, strategy and decision solutions needed by the sector under the title of “Pharma BI”. In this context, the BI solutions are activated quickly and reliably in the pharmaceutical industry .

Pharma Cockpit: presents a single analysis environment by means of integrating tha data such as IMS Sales , Direct Sales , Extreme Sales , Healthcare Professional , Segmentation , Target Frequency , Calls , Detail , OffTerritory times , the organizational structure and Coaching .

Segmentor: carries out the process of segmentation.

Demand Planning: Companies support their planning with QlikView reports ,consequently the plans and forecasts can be managed with monthly revised application according to the realized values.

Logo Excellence

The reporting problems in the application of TIGER LOGO are fixed using Qlikview . This appication includes all data of the companies in the system into Qlikview model and asures the user to make comparison between the companies in the related period. LOGOexcellence is rapid and integrated reporting tool and contains the analysis of Sales, Payment , Collection , Inventory, Accounting , Order systems.