BI Services

Data is one of the most important assets of a company. The Produced data reveals important clues in the management of data-processing processes and in the productivity of the processes. Using Qlikview,Triton Bilişim provides decision support and strategy reports as well as the management and operational reports needed by the manager of all levels

Triton Bilişim provides comprehensive services to the companies concerning QlikView that include Sales, installation, training , development of analysis and post- development period support services.Triton Bilişim shortens the required time to prepare the projects and offers quickly prepared and reliable projects by means of QlikView solutions created by the sector experience.

Business Discovery with QlikView

QlikView technology provides the user a possibility to access the data in its system with detailed connections and interrelations. Qlikview displays the data on the screens that can be used quickly and easily by the end user and assures the user complete control on the data,

Business Discovery ,assure the managers below indicated possibilities:

  • Identification of problems or opportunities that can not be predicted,
  • Determination of development areas
  • Detection of the method and operational efficiencies of the units and processes